Friday, June 25, 2010

Start from N0W

My dear ......since a long time I didn't update my blog.
everytime giving myself many of reason....tired,lazy,no time...bla bla bla!!

Now I'm in final year.Well,last semester is really tough to pass.Luckily,I didn't get very bad result as I thought I'll failed one of the subject...hehehe.I not going to blame anymore,what I need to do is jst do my own best and being positive.This is what I learned currently.Nothing is more important than live your life happy!

Starting busy doing my group assignment...hope the lecturer dont reject our idea on research project...

hanging out wit J to Bangsa chili's....

I'm not really pro in using the updated blogspot feature,I need to learn from my friend soon...nite!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Somethings really can change

Many things happened during the previous month.Dont say about the exam as it is always the main problem that make me crazy...But because of those problems,I really feel that I have change a lot.

Last time,I always put myself in a range,means that scared or dont want to do somethings that I think I dont like at all but actually I can do it.Although that is not a big deal,I'm happy and feel proud as Andrew is Changed now.......During this tough journey,I really want thank to my dearest friends-my sis Winnie,zing,suang,jing,Yongyee,kahseng,fish(U all give me a lot of confidence that I lost during this tough journey& raise me up from sadness.Thx,dear!! )I only have one wish now,Hope my skin can recover soon after I go back for I still cant accept myself currently.

Good news!!My queen S.H.E had released their new album <SHERO> on 26th march....Woohoo!!I hope I can get the album soon as all the song are so nice and sweet.I love them so much,already nine years they being artist and grow from girl to Queen group now.I will support them until the end of my life....Love S.H.E!!

Wow!SHERO become super model.....

Monday, February 8, 2010


So down the mood today,
every things seem like not under my expected.
Every things seem like will leave me away soon-
My friend,my energy,my motivation,my mood...
but still have to pretend be nothing
as I want to learn to be strong(in fact I'm not strong)
and I really don't want other people worry about me.
Don't ask me if you can't help me
as I'm lazy to explain anymore.
I'm a worst & terrible person,
Didn't contribute but ask for more...
I want to change,
please help me!
This moment,this second...
I want to cry,
I need somebody hold me up.
Mummy & Daddy,
Sorry as I know I'm not being well as a son..
make you disappointing....

Monday, February 1, 2010

Take Charge

hehe....take a shoot during the talk.

My daily followers.I can't live without mirrow.=D

The note of "Take Charge".

"pink lady"Zing & me....

Sweet & lovely couple,they are my best friend in My school...

On the previous sunday,I had attend a talk for soft skill which the topic was 'TAKE CHARGE'.Actually I'm not really interested on it before I go for the talk as the purpose I go is for accumulate marks to get a soft skill certificate....but after I join the talk,I fell not bad,at least not worst as I think.
The speaker is very interesting and funny so could attract me to pay attention during the talk.But this talk take long time,from 9in the morning till 5evening.So,half day already gone...make me Tiring too!

What I learn from the talk?

Emm...all of us in our life is full of choice,the success is depends on whether you want to take charge,it's means make the choice.Many people like to give excuse or blame for don't want doing somethings,being shy and others(Me..=D hehe).
but in fact they really can do it if they try.Fails also never mind ,at least You had tried before then U can learn from the mistake and do it well in next time....It's better than U didnt do any things.What U aim just try your own best to get it,I'm sure we will success in one day if we could step out the first step...Start from now!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Waiting 4U

So sad as now my sister Winnie is not in the same group with me as she has to help another group to form up.Otherwise,the group will break.Feeling lonely as last time we often do things together but now the time we spent together become less.Anyway,I will wait you in next semester.You must come back to me ya!!My group is always available for U,Winnie...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1st of 2010

Lazy boy
are back.....

This is the Cupcake buy from "Cupcake Chic" to celebrate Pei suang 21st birthday at our hostel.Each cupcakes represent each of us-all the lovely housemates.It taste nice but a little sweet.

Picture with my three lovely sister.We went to shopping that day and we had bought new clothes for chinese new year.Still not enough la.....hehe,I wish to buy more.

Since a long time I didnt update my blog.So fast already step to year 2010.This is the first post of 2010.In the previous year,there were many things happened that was memorable for me.I wish In the new year,all the bad things will get away from me & all my friend and family are happy and having good health.

During last semester,I had gone to Lili and Winnie house stay.It was very good as I love them so much,and I have a new mum too-that's Winnie mum.hehehe!!I love her as she is a Super mummy for me.Beside that,Winnie and Pui yee brought me visit many nice place in Ipoh.I wish next time I could bring my mum and aunt to Ipoh then we have a trip together.Ipoh Dim Sum is really good and delicious...

Lat friday,I attended Zhao Liang sister wedding buffet.Wow,She look so pretty.I wish her have a nice wedding day and born a cute baby soon.My face is terrible now as many pimples are coming out.Shit!!I want back to klang klinik centre and wash my face but we have no time to go back until before the week of chinese new year as this semester is very busy.I have 7mid term and 3assignment within 5weeks.Within this 5 weeks,I also will go for S.H.E and Sammi concert so I hope I can handle it,let me pass...pass......pass.

I will have my own laptop and camera soon so then I will upload more picture as lazy to write so much..ok,thats all for today.nite!

Monday, December 28, 2009

B back...

Wow!I have stop blogging around 2month......My angel,I will b back soon...